Preparing for Grievance Day


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Preparing for Grievance Day Seminar Topics

Learn what the Assessor can and cannot do.
Learn how to approach the Assessor correctly.
Understanding how the Assessor determines value.
Understanding the criteria used for raising your assessment.
Understanding your Assessor's credentials and what makes an Assessor qualified.
Learn what matters to an Assessor.
Learn what your rights are.
Learn why providing comparable sales data to your Assessor may not necessarily justify lowering your assessment.
Learn why some Assessor computer codes adjust value automatically by thousands of dollars.

Most common Assessor computer-generated errors.
Most common mistakes made by Assessors.
Lean why some appraisals are not valid for defending your case.
Learn how to defend and justify your position.
Learn why the assessing process is not an exact science.
Learn why Assessors utilize a computer-generated approach and systematic analysis.
Learn why cost doesn't equal value.
Learn how new construction is valued.

Learn what makes your property value decrease.
Learn how to defend your comparable sales data.
Understanding the assessing model for your municipality.
Learn the difference between trending analysis assessments and market value analysis assessments.
Learn what improvements or changes cause your property’s assessment value to increase.
Learn how to interpret Appraisal data and identify the intended use of different types of Appraisals.
Learn what Appraisers can and cannot do.
Learn how the Grievance Process works.
Published court decisions.


Grievance Day Advocates

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