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We represent property owners in connection with grievance proceedings, before the BAR (Board of Assessment Review) and SCAR (Small Claims Assessment Review). 

Our Services Entail:

Arranging Informal Hearings with the Assessor: We arrange an informal discussion between property taxpayers and the Assessor at the Assessor’s office. Most municipalities allow for an informal “review” of your assessment with the Assessor, where you can present your case without having to file a formal grievance. In some cases where you are clearly over-assessed, the Assessor might agree to reconsider the determination of your market value and enter into a stipulation with you for your assessment. If the assessor turns you down, we then help you file your grievance.

Helping Property Taxpayers Prepare for Grievance Day: We help property taxpayers investigate whether there are grounds for obtaining a reduction in their property’s assessed value. If it is determined that there are grounds for grieving their property’s assessed value, we represent them in connection with residential grievance procedures pursuant to the New York State Real Property Tax Law.

Appearing before the BAR (Board of Assessment Review) on Grievance Day: We will appear with or on behalf of the property tax payer before the BAR in administrative review conducted at the municipal Level.

Appearing before SCAR (Small Claims Assessment Review): We will appear with or on behalf of the property taxpayer before the SCAR in judicial review. (In order to pursue udicial review you must first go through administrative review.)

Judicial Review Includes Two Options:

(1) Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR) - a low-cost option available to most homeowners;
(2) Tax certiorari proceedings in State Supreme Court. To pursue this option, you should contact an attorney.

Expert witness at Supreme Court Article 7 or article 78 proceedings. We can not represent you in Supreme Court. You'd need an Attorney. Or you need to represent your self. But we can help you argue valuation as an expert witness.




Excessive Assessment Appeal Services is not acting in the capacity of an Attorney or an Accountant. We are acting in the capacity of Advocates of property owners who desire help in preparing for grievance day and determining a fair and equitable assessment value.

If you need legal or tax advice, we recommend you consult a professional in that field.

When you file a grievance for an excessive assessment, you are simply challenging the Assessor’s calculation of the market value of your property. You are not challenging the amount of the property taxes that you will pay.

If you feel that your assessment is fair but your taxes are too high, your comments should be addressed to the appropriate taxing jurisdiction and how they spend their tax monies.

We do not provide a guarantee of your property assessment value reduction nor can we provide any guarantees as to a reduction in your property taxes.

If you'd like to discuss your situation call or e-mail: Michael DeRosa (c) (315)406-7355 or Mike Franklin (c) (315) 876-2262



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